Democrats do a lot of marching and chanting and cause widespread destruction when they resist. They block traffic, get in your face, dox people, kill people and generally employ tactics of intimidation and terror reminiscent of Hitler’s Brownshirts.

Conservatives do not generally act like that. Because we respect law and order, our resistance mostly comes in the form of the occasional peaceful protest followed up by phone calls and emails to elected officials. 

That needs to change.

I’m not saying we need to become violent. I’m saying we need to become more VOCAL in resisting the Democratic agenda. We are not a minority opinion. We are just led to believe that our voice is insignificant because the Democrats own and operate the megaphones. They also censor, deplatform and intimidate Conservatives into silence.

Furthermore, we can no longer support establishment or any other Republican unwilling to fight for our principles and values. These feckless RINOs must be identified and removed from office.

Use the resources below as your megaphone in our resistance.