Your vote may not count at the ballot box. As we’ve learned, it may be disappeared or diluted by pallets of faux ballots trucked in from clandestine print shops.

But there is another ballot box. It is called a cash register, and your dollars are just as powerful as checked boxes. Do not underestimate the true value of these votes—they can make or break kingdoms. 

So, who do you want to vote for? Do you want to give your currency to the company or individual that works to undermine Conservative values? Why would you want to do business with an entity that views you with a contempt typically reserved for serial killers and child molesters? Do you want to give your valuable vote to someone who would cancel you at the drop of a MAGA hat because you support of Trumpism? Or would you prefer to conduct transactions with a business that respects and services all of its customers, without first subjecting them to a political purity test?

The answer is obvious. You wouldn’t offer your wallet to a shoplifter after he’s robbed your store of inventory, right? In fact, you would likely post a security cam photo of the thief by the register as a reminder to refuse the bum service if he were to again enter your establishment.

Think of the list below as a photo of that shoplifter. These are the businesses that have waged war on Conservatives through polices of cancelation and coercion. Some also openly support values and causes that that undermine our liberties and freedoms. These thieves have robbed you not of inventory, but of your voice, dignity, liberties and freedoms. Their actions are unAmerican and they do not deserve your support. 

Keep the list in your purse or wallet, and refer to it before you cast your next vote.