“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

Alice Walker

Understand what is happening at both the local and national levels in terms of legislation.

Hold the people who support issues that infringe on your liberties and freedoms accountable for their actions. Email them, call them, let your voice be heard. Remember, these people were elected to represent the best interests of their constituents—that’s YOU.

Petition your local school board. Primary and vote RINOs out of office. Run for office yourself.

Hell, if a young Socialist with a brain that rattles around in her skull like a BB in a boxcar can become a Congresswoman, you can, too (see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)!




Track legislation from your local state legislature or across every capitol around the country, including Congress.


  1. Identify legislation of interest or concern through the LegiScan national legislative search engine, receive alerts based on saved full text keyword searches when bills are introduced that match your criteria.
  2. Build a personalized and categorized list of monitored legislation to follow through the process and receive updates when there are changes or activity to your tracked bills.
  3. Generate dynamic status reports of monitored bills with numerous reporting and formatting options that can also be shared with clients or other interested parties.



Comprehensive database includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics. Use this resource to contact individuals to voice your support or displeasure with their actions.

The Precinct Project

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy to Take Back the Republican Party and then America, pricinct by pricinct. Learn how easy it is to become a precinct committeeman and vote to help reclaim your country.

The Persistence

The Persistence

Scott Presler facilitates your connection with Patriots in your area. Presler teaches you how to help register voters, write letters and knock on doors to help reclaim our country. And all without charging a penny.

Look Ahead America

Look Ahead America

Our mission is to register, educate, and enfranchise rural and blue-collar citizens and ensure that their voices are not just heard but heeded and that the American Dream becomes their dream again.

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